Wednesday, May 8, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

oh wow i'm really excited to share with you my squeals for week . . . so i'll jump right into it! friday was the day i submitted my design for the briar rose quilt competition. (p.s. if you haven't gone over there to vote yet click  here and vote for your favorite quilt . .or if you can't decide on a favorite you could just **cough**vote for mine **cough**) how was that for subtle?? voting ends in 2 days!! 

 . .back to the story . . so i submitted my design and later that night i pulled out my trusty composition book where i like to doodle new designs. so i sketched up this little baby
 (sorry forgot to flip before i uploaded)
well you get the idea . . all the scribbles are sashing . . i wanted to visually keep them separate from the blocks even though they will be the same color as the star blocks.

later that night i pulled up my bloglovin and was enjoying the updates from the blogs i follow and one of my favorite quilters had posted one of her new patterns that was VERY similar! well the block on the right is actually what her quilt is made of ( i sketched that after i saw her update) but i got that little kid happy (giddy)  feeling while reading her update like we were on the same page or something :)  that just goes to show what a newbie i am if something that simple makes me squeal with delight!! i wanted to link over to her blog but didn't want to take away from her new pattern design?? what do you think?? you might already know who i'm talking about.

well i just put this little picnic quilt (that's what i'm calling it) under the machine and hope it gets quilted soon.
 i was just going to quilt through the diagonals of the squares but have seen this straight stitching done so much i wanted to try it out. maybe i should have made my rows bigger - it might take me all week (and then some) to finish! 

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Friday, May 3, 2013

friday finishes

well i'm happy to report i FINALLY finished the grocery bags that i started (dare i say almost a month ago) here! and look at them . . does anything about this project scream "hard? time consuming? really tricky techniques used?" . .the answer of course is NO - simplest project ever . . should have finished them the day i started! anywhosers . . .
they were made from 4 fat quarters (2 for the outside and 2 for the lining) and some cotton webbing since i was too lazy to make fabric handles. great way to use up some stash though.

 and if you haven't noticed already . . they hold A LOT!! and maybe their best feature yet . . machine washable folks! 

here is my second finish! a virtual finish is still a finish right?
this was the design i submitted for the
i'm calling it Miss Match Berry Patch

if you haven't heard about it or are wanting to submit a design, follow the above link as submissions are due by the 5th and voting will take place may 6th - may 10th. there are already so many lovely quilts and designs. at the very least show up and be inspired by the quilts and vote for your favorite one!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

sorry a little late with today's post. this week i've been busy sewing . .  but you wouldn't know that by my lack of posting about it :) only a small portion of that time has been spent on quilts (hoping to change that) . . here's a sneak peak at my latest work in progress . .
love me some animal print and this quilt has lots of that going on!

in a few short weeks we will be in arizona for a wedding. on that same visit, my husband and his brother will be hiking the grand canyon (rim to rim to rim) in less than a 24hr time period. i'm not jealous . . just thinking about it pretty much gives me blisters on my feet! however, i did spend all day monday making him this little do dad for his back packing adventures!

a little water bottle holder . . not perfect but made with love! 

i spent yesterday hemming a concert dress for a friend. which actually made me a little nervous. it was a beautiful black polyester dress with a sheer overlay. you know how that sheer stuff is so flimsy . . ahh i was cringing the whole time just praying not to botch the whole dress. i dropped it off at her house today and she exclaimed how "perfect" it was, ahhh . . my little heart was happy!

which brings us to today's deals and squeals! have you heard about this going on over at threadbias??

just heard about it yesterday over at the sewing chick . . and i may or may not have stayed up till the wee hours of the morning last night playing around with different designs!! :) when i figure out which design i'm going to submit i'll post it here on the blog!

happy wednesday!

Friday, April 26, 2013

block quilt

happy to have a finished project!! this bad boy was suppose to be finished last week but the binding ended up turning into this huge annoying ordeal! 
i was hoping to bind this quilt in orange but came up short (doh!) . . 
 . . so the teal was the next best option (even if it's teal on teal on the back - oh well) . . project completed and i'm a happy camper.
you can't really tell by looking at the back of the quilt (at least not in this picture) but i decided to quilt around each block . .and then each block inside a block. quite the patience builder.
it's kinda funny that it sat and sat without a binding and i thought "eh . .it's alright" . . but now that it's complete it's really growing on me!! i'm sure you could easily find a tutorial for making these square/block quilts but i learned from these books.
aside from a sporadic rain storm this week, the weather has been quite charming . . maybe i need to have a double date with that quilt and that swing sometime soon!

thanks to alison over at little bunny quilts i heard about an awesome swap by april over at kool beenz. she is putting together a fat quarter friends swap for the month of may. i signed up yesterday and i'm super excited!  who doesn't love a good swap?! only a few more days to sign up so if you wanna get in on the fun then hurry on over!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

this past week seems to have been a busy one. i finally finished this quilt from last week which i'll post about on friday. so glad i snagged some pictures yesterday because the forecast is nothing but rain today! still working on the grocery bags from here . . why oh why it takes me so long to finish the "easy" projects i'll never understand! those babies should have been finished, wrapped, and delivered weeks ago! it's like i have to have my hands into every project that nothing ever gets finished - just ask my stack of quilt tops :)

well onto the deals and squeals for this week. i did a little shopping . . are we surprised?! before i show the goods i must first say that i love bloglovin!! it lets me follow my favorite blogs by delivering updates to my inbox every night so i just check it once before bed and i'm good. it has really cut down my screen time and allowed me to spend more time sewing.

so . .  the other night i was reading my daily updates and came across a fabric sale over at little lady patchwork (and it looks like it's still going on.) i picked up these charming little packs of pb&j. ever since this line has come out i have been dying to get my hands on it! so excited when they showed up in the mail!

 i also headed over to joann fabric where they were having some super sale and picked up these fun prints (it keeps switching the direction of the photo when i upload it) . .oh well you get the idea. i have this thing for floral prints, i don't know what it is but i'm always picking up the flowery stuff. i do LOVE that bold orange print though . . and i couldn't just leave the birds hangin. (ha!)

these next prints came from contemporary cloth . . they have such cute fun prints . . but i found these in their clearance section (big surprise) for $4.40/yd . . .totally thrilled and hopefully my 4yr old will be too when she sees what mommy is going to make her!

and now for a little work in progress . .

started this little baby quilt years ago when i was first learning to quilt. sadly once it was pieced i wasn't in love (anyone else go through that) so instead of just finishing it i found a new project and forgot about this one!
it's time to dust her off and get some things finished around here!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

this is a deal i came across last week - seems this week we've stuck around the house a little more. found these cute little party supplies at target . . which is perfect for my little monkey that will be turning 3 in december! my friend kara threw the cutest monkey party here and after finding these steals i can't help but want to duplicate it :)

you know it's hard being born the day after christmas, especially when you want to have a "friends" party because most people are still celebrating with their own families. this year though we will be out west spending christmas in arizona with my family so we'll get to have a party with aunts and uncles and cousins (oh my!)

most normal people would just buy party supplies if they needed party supplies . .i on the other hand . .well . . i just buy what's on sale and work the party around that! might not work so much when the kids get older!
reg price: $7.24 
(includes birthday banner, lunch napkins & beverage napkins)
clearance price: $1.12

now onto what's been happening in the craft room . . 
this has been a work in progress for quite the little while . .it hasn't taken quite as long as this one here . . but i'm hoping she'll be ready to reveal on friday (crossing fingers!) . .i don't know why i keep referring to this quilt as a "she" it definitely is more boyish if anything. my sister and mom both happened to give me the same fabric bundles (one for christmas, one for a birthday) and it was enough to put this large quilt together - maybe that's where the "she" comes from!

i pulled out these two books last night . .both can be bought at joann's fabric. they were the first books i got when i started showing interest in quilting. lots of cute, easy to put together quilts inside. the quilt above came from a design in one of these books that i altered a little bit. great books for beginners. different cutting techniques and variety of quilt styles. i was reminded that there are still a few designs i want to try out! happy sewing!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

pretty in pink blankey/mat?

have you ever know weeks in advance about an upcoming event and still didn't do anything about it till last minute??  . . well that's how this quilt was born! yesterday it hit me that i needed to put something together for a baby shower i would be attending tomorrow, so i quickly went to my pinterest boards and thought this would be a cute, fun gift! it came together quickly and that was key. i started it yesterday during nap time and finished quilting it tonight (stitch in the ditch style) while my husband and kids watched a redbox and ate popcorn to their hearts content.
i loved the idea of using a bunch of different textured fabrics and i loved even more that i had everything on hand.  . .well minus the binding, which i ran to hobby lobby and got this morning. :) . .i think the satin binding adds perfectly.
the plain pink fabric is supposed to be the minky with the little raised bumps in it - you know the stuff i'm talking about? after i sewed the first two strips together i was ironing over the seam and didn't realize the hot iron caused some of the raised bumps to disappear . . so i couldn't have half minky with a raised surface and half without so i had to iron the whole darn thing and make all it's cuteness disappear! i hate when i do dumb stuff! 
oh well i still think it's cute. since i backed it with flannel (like i did here too) i didn't use batting. so.much.easier! after rounding the corners i don't know if i should call her a blanket or a play mat??
p.s. i really love little children's silhouette print!!

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