Monday, November 22, 2010

winner winner chicken taco dinner

have you ever won a giveaway on a blog?? i know, i thought it was impossible too .. till i just found out i won!! now i'm on cloud nine. :) janae over at the grocery queen just had an awesome giveaway for a family taco night prize pack (she's the one who inspired me to start using coupons) and guess who can't wait to start making tacos?!! so the moral of the story is . . if you never enter a giveaway, you'll never win :) 

Friday, November 5, 2010

busy as a bee

okay maybe not THAT busy . . . but the time sure does slip away doesn't it?? no bargain hunting this weekend - we're preparing for our own garage sale, and depending on the weather tomorrow i hope it happens. if not . . then i'll be at the goodwill .. .where everything in the store will be 50% off (first sat of the month)!! make a note to check it out yourself!

now on to this cute little guy. found him at the goodwill outlet a few months back. so cute, so broken, so much potential! 

now i know i shouldn't post a before picture without an after picture . . but i'm still in the process of transforming him. just wanted you to know i am doing SOMETHING around here :) 

and since we couldn't spend money bargaining this weekend i decided to make a little money instead. 

found this crib at a garage sale for $5 . .it was taken apart and they didn't have the hardware for it. basically it sat in our house a little too long and my dear sweet husband took it to ace, picked up the hardware, put it together and i sold it on craigslist for $35. thank you cl for always coming through for me :)

and lastly since i like to add things to my "to do" list . .. i'm thinking of taking up couponing!! apparently that's not a real word but either way janae over at The Grocery Queen has totally inspired me. (and's she having a fun little giveaway so check it out) . . just scroll through her blog and you can't help but be amazed at how much FREE food she gets from clipping coupons. seriously your jaw will drop! if i was still in arizona i'd make her take me shopping every week :)