Wednesday, April 10, 2013

deals and squeals and a WIP

well this week's "deals and squeals" comes from target! that's right, the store with the big red ball (that's how the kids reference it). let it be known that target has never been my favorite store (**gasp** . . is she human?) . .  however, since moving to nashville that has all changed. mostly due to the fact that it's one of the closest shopping places to me (and i do like to shop) . .  sooo, i've forgiven myself for my anti-target ways and now we get along great!

this past week while perusing the isles i came across these little beauties

they were just sitting there with the rest of the shoes and were the only pair with that red clearance tag . . and do you want to know what that little tag read?

original price: $12.99
clearance price: $1.98

what the what?? so i scooped those little pretties up and tried to justify another pair of shoes for the baby. . . and when i couldn't do that i text my sisters to see which lucky niece would be the proud recipient! man finding a great deal makes me feel good!

and just so we all know my time hasn't been spend ENTIRELY  shopping . . i did find some time to do a little sewing. i was admiring all the link ups for fabric tuesday over at quilt story yesterday and was inspired by the grocery bags from lea and lars

i have a friend who had a birthday dare i say last month and i've been meaning to get something sewn up for her. she is a coupon mama so i thought these would make a great gift for all her grocery needs . . plus it gave me an excuse to use up some of the fat quarters i've had since who knows how long.

all they need is a little lining and a handle and it's off to the market we go!

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  1. what a deal! your friend will have some happy shopping time with these. Nice prints.

  2. Love great deals too! It is the thrill! Cute fabric bags too:)