Friday, March 29, 2013

back in the saddle

to say this blog has been a little neglected is a HUGE understatement! it seems though, as of late, i've found some time to sneak into the craft room and do what i do best . . make messes . .BIG ones! with lots of friends and family having babies i'm happy to be able to finally post FINISHED products :) 

this little guy was sent to sweet baby rexx . .  the last of my sister's brood. it's all flannel and perfect for snuggling teeny tiny bebes! . .it also means i didn't have to add batting . .love cutting out a step! i was inspired  by this quilt.  . . and though i TOTALLY messed up my measurements (doh) and the whole top looks like one big pucker (really . .don't look too close) . .i still LOVE it! :) 

this girly chevron was actually made first but like all good projects . .sat and sat and sat. it's almost unbelievable to think i finished up two in one week. it really came together fast. i'll probably be making more of these. . . and yes, it's flannel too! now i just need to find her a home :)

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