Friday, April 15, 2011

rainy days

today the kids and i weathered the storm and ventured out to our favorite grocery store publix. why do i love this grocery store so much?? well . . a few reasons:

1) their customer service is seriously off the charts - it rocks! free cookies & free balloons for the kids EVERY time! 
2) they have the cool "car" shopping carts 
3) they have GREAT buy one get one free deals
4) they put out tons of great coupons and let you stack manufacture coupons & competitors coupons on top of their already great sales! luv it!

today we went for the BOGO deals . . . and here's what we came home with:
unlike some of the other awesome coupon gals and blogs out there .. i don't ALWAYS save like 90% off my grocery bill each time . . but if i can come in around the 70-75% off range then i'm pretty happy. 

today's adventure cost me $15.58 and saved me $60.02 equaling a savings of 79%

the funny thing is, the produce (celery, zucchini, & squash) made up almost 1/2 that total . . thus i REALLY need to start my garden!!

~FREE yoplus
~FREE cake mixes
~$0.33 each / 20oz pineapple cans (should have been .20 each but i noticed on the receipt she missed a coupon-Doh!!)
~$0.26 each / shredded & chunk cheese
~$0.71 each / frosting (higher than i wanted but they helped me get the cake mixes for free)
~then add tax and $1 for march of dimes (how can you not donate when you save this much!) and voila . . alotta Bang for your Buck!


  1. wow! i'm very impressed with your couponing skills. i have had so many bad experiences with walmart lately that i have refused to go because every time i do it makes me so mad!!!!!!

  2. I am seriously dying that you got canned pineapple for 33 cents! I can never get fruit for less than 88 cents. well done.