Tuesday, October 5, 2010

estate sale

so this last week rose and i went "garaging" . . you know, it's always fun to look through other people's STUFF and see what their gettin rid of!! this lady was having an estate sale and though the word "estate" makes me think fancy smancy - why not be like the rest of us and call it a garage sale?? - we didn't hesitate. we went anyway and boy am i glad we did.
 this lady had loads and loads of these fabric sample booklets. they have anywhere from 50-80 or so 12x12 fabric swatch pages . . fabric lovers start drooling. i had to check my lip a few times as i know i was. they were 2 bucks a piece and with coordinating fabrics in each book all i could imagine was making beautiful quilts.

(i hope i will one day stop imagining and actually start acting!!)

she also said that any fabric that was a single cut was only 25cents . . .umm did i hear you right??

so i found these 3 beauties . . the black one was about a yard and a half and the other two were about 3 yards each. so for 7 1/2 yards of fabric i paid a whopping 75cents!! can you say UNHEARD OF?!! i guess with her stacks of material i wasn't really ripping her off . . more like doing her a favor!

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  1. Awesome finds!!!! Makayla and I decided we need to go visit the GWO soon :) Wont be the same with out you, but it will be good to keep up the tradition of cheapness :)