Tuesday, October 5, 2010

. . lately . .

as of late i have gotten back into selling on ebay. it must have been 7 or 8 years ago when i first had any interaction with ebay. i bought . . and i bought . . and that was about it. then i somehow forgot it existed until i came across the following blog

http://www.mydeartrash.blogspot.com/ (you can also just click the top link on the sidebar) . . which became pure inspiration :)
anywhosers laura grew up down the street from me. she and my older sister were friends. she's been selling on ebay for YEARS and swears by it. i figure if it doesn't leave me swearing maybe i could get into it.

sooo i started back in march ( a couple months before we moved from new haven)

there were two places i went 1) to my closet and 2) the Goodwill Outlet
this lovely gap trench coat came from my closet - poor thing had been sittin in there for years. . . . all i know is i got it on clearance at gap and it's been worn twice maybe??

 it sold for $20.50

this lucky brand tote bag was found at the goodwill outlet (still had the $54 tags on it)

sold for $24.99

*a note about the goodwill outlet (it's for those of us too cheap to shop the regular good will) everything is priced according to weight. the more poundage you buy the cheaper it gets. the tote bag probably cost me $1 and this J-Crew jacket probably cost me $1.50

that being said . . this lovely sold for $42 !!

now don't be misled thinking i'm cashing in on the big bucks . . here and there maybe . . but what i didn't share were all the items that sold for $.99, $3.99, and $5.99!

it was the top 3 items that made me think - "oh this totally rocks!" but then reality set in and those lesser items made me think "is this really worth it?"

i've decided for me - it is! and that's why i've started back up again. nothing will compare to the hamden, ct goodwill outlet (seriously awesome) - so i've settled with good ole nashville's goodwill dollar days. it allows me to get out that shopping bug without spending our lifesavings ( as a certain husband might say). its' a way for this stay at home mama to make a little extra $$ while the babes is napping or asleep . . okay okay or sometimes while she's entertaining herself :)

i hope to update the successes each week. we'll see how it goes!

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  1. So proud of all your amazing finds and I think you're onto become super successful selling trash. You've got a great eye. Remember to find value where others may not see it, especially yourself.
    Loves, Laura