Tuesday, October 19, 2010

weekend finds

 at it again this weekend. garage sales!! it's not even that i really love peoples trash so much .. (okay wait, yes i do) but it's more in seeing what kind of awesome deals i can score. 

there must be some medical term for people who are overly obsessed with great deals - any ideas??

well i took off early friday morning (by myself) to check out this lady's big "quilters and sewers sale" and what to my wondering eyes should appear?? (besides that bag of tulle and batting i bought??) . . two practically new 12x18" cutting mats 50cents each.

thanks google images

when i got home i got on the joanns website and found out they retail for $20.99 a piece


 . . and since i told brady i'd be home around 10am . . and it was barely a quarter after 9 .. i snuck away to another garage sale i found on craigslist - where 95% of their stuff was $1

i scored on lots of necklaces - i'd post pictues but then my sisters would be wondering which one they were getting for christmas :) another thing i fell in love with was this awesome cheetah/leapord rug. she wanted $15 and i decided i'd come back on sat and if it was still there i'd offer $10 :)

saturday came and by the time we shopped some other sales and got back to this place they were packing up. i found a couple books and baby items for $1 and while i was "checking out" i saw the rug.

"oh you still have the rug?" 
"we sure do"
"well i'd love to take it but i don't know how much i have on me" - checked pockets and i had a whopping $7.50

nice lady said "just give me what you got - i'm sure she'll be glad just to get rid of it"

so for a measly $3.50 i brought home this beauty!!

not sure brady's so hot on us keeping it in the front room . . but then again i'm not so sure he's not hot on us keeping it there :)


  1. whitney i giggled with delight that you made the peanut marshmallow goodness from my blog! love it!

  2. You're a girl after my own heart! I love garage sales & bargain hunting.

    To answer your question I personally spend about an average of $276/month, but that also includes the cost of newspaper delivery & dining out. If my DH didn't have a fast food habit it would be about $80 less. So, after spending that much we take home about $1050 worth of products each month, so a good savings I think :)

    I hope that helps!

  3. I love your love for animal print!