Wednesday, May 1, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

sorry a little late with today's post. this week i've been busy sewing . .  but you wouldn't know that by my lack of posting about it :) only a small portion of that time has been spent on quilts (hoping to change that) . . here's a sneak peak at my latest work in progress . .
love me some animal print and this quilt has lots of that going on!

in a few short weeks we will be in arizona for a wedding. on that same visit, my husband and his brother will be hiking the grand canyon (rim to rim to rim) in less than a 24hr time period. i'm not jealous . . just thinking about it pretty much gives me blisters on my feet! however, i did spend all day monday making him this little do dad for his back packing adventures!

a little water bottle holder . . not perfect but made with love! 

i spent yesterday hemming a concert dress for a friend. which actually made me a little nervous. it was a beautiful black polyester dress with a sheer overlay. you know how that sheer stuff is so flimsy . . ahh i was cringing the whole time just praying not to botch the whole dress. i dropped it off at her house today and she exclaimed how "perfect" it was, ahhh . . my little heart was happy!

which brings us to today's deals and squeals! have you heard about this going on over at threadbias??

just heard about it yesterday over at the sewing chick . . and i may or may not have stayed up till the wee hours of the morning last night playing around with different designs!! :) when i figure out which design i'm going to submit i'll post it here on the blog!

happy wednesday!

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  1. I love what you have going on with those hst's and the chevron layout! I am sew fond of teal/turquoise... How about you sharing your talent with everyone in your life, eh? Thanks for sharing the threadbias link!