Friday, May 3, 2013

friday finishes

well i'm happy to report i FINALLY finished the grocery bags that i started (dare i say almost a month ago) here! and look at them . . does anything about this project scream "hard? time consuming? really tricky techniques used?" . .the answer of course is NO - simplest project ever . . should have finished them the day i started! anywhosers . . .
they were made from 4 fat quarters (2 for the outside and 2 for the lining) and some cotton webbing since i was too lazy to make fabric handles. great way to use up some stash though.

 and if you haven't noticed already . . they hold A LOT!! and maybe their best feature yet . . machine washable folks! 

here is my second finish! a virtual finish is still a finish right?
this was the design i submitted for the
i'm calling it Miss Match Berry Patch

if you haven't heard about it or are wanting to submit a design, follow the above link as submissions are due by the 5th and voting will take place may 6th - may 10th. there are already so many lovely quilts and designs. at the very least show up and be inspired by the quilts and vote for your favorite one!


  1. your grocery bags are darling! should make your shopping that much more stylish. =) and that design? wowsers, lady! super impressive.

  2. Super cute grocery bags. I love the design you made for Briar rose too. Nice.

  3. I totally need some of these! And I'm all about using cotton webbing!

  4. Maybe I would remember to take these with me when I go shopping. They are so cute. I actually have a few plain (store-bought) bags and always forget to put them in the car!

  5. visiting from crazy mum quilts. These are gorgeous. Suddenly it is not shopping but something glamorous. i am sure that the checkout people must make lots of comments about these.

  6. Love your quilt design! Totally hear you on not getting what should be a quick simple project done in a timely fashion... Sometimes I think those are the easiest to put off because you think "Oh, that won't take long to do. I can do those anytime!" Seriously, though, I should make some grocery bags...

  7. Congratulations on all of your finishes! Love the pink quilt even in its digital form! ;-)

  8. I love your Briar Rose quilt design! I have a TON of fat quarters I could use up, and my grocery bags (some .99 Trader Joe's jobs) are getting really funky. I may give your bag idea a try!

  9. Lots of lovely finishes this week! Whoop whoop for you!!