Wednesday, May 8, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

oh wow i'm really excited to share with you my squeals for week . . . so i'll jump right into it! friday was the day i submitted my design for the briar rose quilt competition. (p.s. if you haven't gone over there to vote yet click  here and vote for your favorite quilt . .or if you can't decide on a favorite you could just **cough**vote for mine **cough**) how was that for subtle?? voting ends in 2 days!! 

 . .back to the story . . so i submitted my design and later that night i pulled out my trusty composition book where i like to doodle new designs. so i sketched up this little baby
 (sorry forgot to flip before i uploaded)
well you get the idea . . all the scribbles are sashing . . i wanted to visually keep them separate from the blocks even though they will be the same color as the star blocks.

later that night i pulled up my bloglovin and was enjoying the updates from the blogs i follow and one of my favorite quilters had posted one of her new patterns that was VERY similar! well the block on the right is actually what her quilt is made of ( i sketched that after i saw her update) but i got that little kid happy (giddy)  feeling while reading her update like we were on the same page or something :)  that just goes to show what a newbie i am if something that simple makes me squeal with delight!! i wanted to link over to her blog but didn't want to take away from her new pattern design?? what do you think?? you might already know who i'm talking about.

well i just put this little picnic quilt (that's what i'm calling it) under the machine and hope it gets quilted soon.
 i was just going to quilt through the diagonals of the squares but have seen this straight stitching done so much i wanted to try it out. maybe i should have made my rows bigger - it might take me all week (and then some) to finish! 

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  1. Am I ever glad you linked up to Marelize's this week! I am beginning my quilting tomorrow and was thinking of straight line quilting for the first time. I did try Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilt's honeycomb (large Zig-Zag) quilting on a queen size once and it took me two full days to complete it, but I LOVE the results! Your straight lines are really straight and the results are beautiful. Keep pluggin' away... Like having a child - You'll forget the pain when it's over!

  2. Oh that quilt is just so wonderful!
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