Thursday, April 4, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

it's no secret i love me a good bargain . . and if you ask my family they'd tell you it's no secret i love telling them about my great finds :) that's why i'm starting "deals and squeals wednesday"!! it gives me a chance to review my week and share my awesome finds or just share things that made me squeal with delight that week - which is usually my great deals - ha!! 

let's get started shall we?

this last week i had a kohls 30% off coupon that i wanted to use before it expired. i love kohls, you can really find some nice things at great prices (in my opinion). i was able to score a few christmas items that i'm thrilled about (*squeal*squeal*) but it does mean hidding them away for the next 9 months . . if only we had more space :)

original price : $39.99
clearance price: $3.99 
my price: $2.79

 original price: $39.99
clearance price: $7.99
my price: $5.59

 these little gems had me DYING!! are they not hilarious??!!  . .and perfect for the "not so easy to shop for man" (i.e. brother & brother in laws) . .if only my husband was a hunter we'd for sure keep the deer head!
original price: $40.00
clearance price: $4.00
my price: $2.80

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