Friday, April 12, 2013

pretty in pink blankey/mat?

have you ever know weeks in advance about an upcoming event and still didn't do anything about it till last minute??  . . well that's how this quilt was born! yesterday it hit me that i needed to put something together for a baby shower i would be attending tomorrow, so i quickly went to my pinterest boards and thought this would be a cute, fun gift! it came together quickly and that was key. i started it yesterday during nap time and finished quilting it tonight (stitch in the ditch style) while my husband and kids watched a redbox and ate popcorn to their hearts content.
i loved the idea of using a bunch of different textured fabrics and i loved even more that i had everything on hand.  . .well minus the binding, which i ran to hobby lobby and got this morning. :) . .i think the satin binding adds perfectly.
the plain pink fabric is supposed to be the minky with the little raised bumps in it - you know the stuff i'm talking about? after i sewed the first two strips together i was ironing over the seam and didn't realize the hot iron caused some of the raised bumps to disappear . . so i couldn't have half minky with a raised surface and half without so i had to iron the whole darn thing and make all it's cuteness disappear! i hate when i do dumb stuff! 
oh well i still think it's cute. since i backed it with flannel (like i did here too) i didn't use batting. so.much.easier! after rounding the corners i don't know if i should call her a blanket or a play mat??
p.s. i really love little children's silhouette print!!

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  1. I'm sure the baby will love the minky fabric. It's really pretty.

  2. Cute! I love the flannel backing.

  3. Congratulations on your finish!

  4. The quilt's adorable whether it was ironed or not. That plaid flannel on the back is fantastic. Great job for pulling together such a great quilt in such a short amount of time.