Wednesday, April 17, 2013

deals and squeals wednesday

this is a deal i came across last week - seems this week we've stuck around the house a little more. found these cute little party supplies at target . . which is perfect for my little monkey that will be turning 3 in december! my friend kara threw the cutest monkey party here and after finding these steals i can't help but want to duplicate it :)

you know it's hard being born the day after christmas, especially when you want to have a "friends" party because most people are still celebrating with their own families. this year though we will be out west spending christmas in arizona with my family so we'll get to have a party with aunts and uncles and cousins (oh my!)

most normal people would just buy party supplies if they needed party supplies . .i on the other hand . .well . . i just buy what's on sale and work the party around that! might not work so much when the kids get older!
reg price: $7.24 
(includes birthday banner, lunch napkins & beverage napkins)
clearance price: $1.12

now onto what's been happening in the craft room . . 
this has been a work in progress for quite the little while . .it hasn't taken quite as long as this one here . . but i'm hoping she'll be ready to reveal on friday (crossing fingers!) . .i don't know why i keep referring to this quilt as a "she" it definitely is more boyish if anything. my sister and mom both happened to give me the same fabric bundles (one for christmas, one for a birthday) and it was enough to put this large quilt together - maybe that's where the "she" comes from!

i pulled out these two books last night . .both can be bought at joann's fabric. they were the first books i got when i started showing interest in quilting. lots of cute, easy to put together quilts inside. the quilt above came from a design in one of these books that i altered a little bit. great books for beginners. different cutting techniques and variety of quilt styles. i was reminded that there are still a few designs i want to try out! happy sewing!

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  1. Love the fabrics on your WIP quilt. Very pretty.

  2. Your quilt is looking great. Good luck with getting a Friday finish :)

  3. Very pretty WIP, most definitely a girl! :-)
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    esthersipatchandquilt AT yahoo DOT com

  4. I guess great minds think alike? Or maybe the fabric your sister and mother both got you was on sale? Frugality runs in the family - don't ya know! The strip quilt - she looks great. Hope you can finish for Friday!

  5. What a pretty quilt! Love all the teal you used.