Friday, April 5, 2013

the five year quilt

when i was first married i joined a quilting group that was put on by some of the ladies from church. i had a sewing machine and a love of fabric and wanted to learn more. i didn't realize until i showed up how hardcore they all were :) big fancy machines, beautiful printed fabrics, and gorgeous quilts to show and tell about! i was AMAZED!  . . . but more importantly i felt welcomed. here was a circle of very talented and experienced quilters and for the short time we were there they welcomed me into their little flock, encouraged me, and taught me to make a handful of different quilt blocks. it was there i started this quilt.

 a year later we moved to new haven, ct where my husband would get his masters degree . . .i pulled out the pieces and started sewing my little heart out . .nothing fancy . .i just knew i wanted it ALL GREEN :) while in connecticut i finished the top and back and started quilting. 

 after our 2 years were up we moved here to nashville where we currently reside. i found that cute quilt (in all it's greenness) stashed away in the never ending pile of stuff i call a craft room. i pulled it out and realized all i had left to do was bind it!! yay!! so after a  little sewing my 5 year old quilt is finally done! 

something else that i've come to love about quilting is getting to name your quilt. i've come across beautiful quilts all over blog land and no matter if it's an original pattern or someone else's the quilt itself if yours and you get to give it a fitting name!

my name choices were either "green with envy" or "the green machine" . . my 4 yr old thought it should be called "greeny" or grassy" . . she may be on to something!! :)

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  1. "Green green grass of home"
    It´s absolutely gorgeous!
    I´m making one right now and find it very hard to get the different greens go together well!
    You made a fabulous job!!!

  2. "Grass is greener..."
    Very nice quilt and though I have an infinite capacity for unfinished, sometimes finished feels very good.

  3. Amended suggestion: just call it "the other side of the fence."

  4. This is beautiful...all the colors of new spring growth here in the Pacific NW. I was just thinking all that green would make a wonderful quilt...and here you have done it!!

  5. Congratulations on the finish!
    Green with envy over here! ;-)

  6. Pretty colours - I like the green. Sometimes our quilts take on quite the story. You could call this 'green, green grass of home'. Looks like it is a great size to snuggle under.

  7. I bet you are SO pleased to have finished your lovely quilt - you have both been on a long journey!

  8. Lovely quilt! I thing all the greens make it feel so alive.

  9. visiting from sew darn crafty. I love love this. The green is gorgeous. I also like that it took so long. I have one that has been on the go since 2010 and now I dont feel so bad.

  10. Love the green and the story behind the quilt!:) I have very little experience with quilting but I do have one that I started when my oldest was a couple of years old (she'll be 14 in 2 weeks!). Perhaps I should pull it out and finally finish it!