Tuesday, April 2, 2013

just in time for easter

this year i've some how been a week behind with each holiday. i realized last tuesday that easter was on sunday and not the first week in april!! i had one little dress to make and didn't get started till thursday night. it wasn't hard but it's always the easy projects that you end up unpicking because of some dumb thing you overlooked. . . and that's what it was for me :)

 i finished the dress friday and hand stitched the buttons on sat night. i used this pattern for the top of the dress. i'd never done a peasant top/dress and didn't realize how easy they are . .especially since you have an elastic collar! 
 i got my older daughter's dress from kohls clearance last year and wanted little sis to coordinate. the best part was using up my stash - fabric, buttons, elastic, ribbon - all on hand! yay!!


couldn't resist this one!! :)

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  1. The dress you made is just gorgeous (as is the purchased one). Great job. Love the headband too!

  2. So adorable! The dress too....

  3. Beautiful dresses! I need a little girl to sew for. =)